Catching the iPad bug

Woa! This blog has been sitting here for a long time without me posting anything, but with all the things going on around Boa|Neo lately, I guess now would be a good time to start.

After completing a couple of Android projects in 2011, I have spend the last couple of months working on two iOS Apps – one is a game for kids for the iPad called “Math Rat” launched early 2012 in Swedish (Räkneråttan), localized versions coming soon for several other languages.

The other is a yet to be announced, but very cool, iPhone4S project I’m working on for a customer.

In addition to this I’m trying a variety of things to boost awareness of my two Android apps: Ninja Pigs and Enclosure – I’ll do separate posts on these as they happen, but my first focus is to support the Amazon Kindle Fire (hard part is that I can’t buy the darn thing in Europe so I have to guess my way there).

Finally, I’m looking at Unity3D as a way to do cross-platform development of 3D content. It’s a really awesome tool so I’m sure something interesting will come of that eventually.

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