The MathRat is 1 year old today

It’s been one year, now, since the MathRat was released on the App Store.

I was going to write a follow up on the retrospective, but I really don’t have a clear conclusion. It’s been a strangely un-eventful year for the MathRat – sure, there’s been a few dips and a few spikes, but nothing that really had a lasting effect; It just keeps selling in the same low numbers every day, on and on.

Every now and then it starts dropping until it gets dangerously close to zero and then for no apparent reason, it starts climbing again.

So, to answer the ever-relevant question of “was it worth it?”, I would have to say yes. Not just for the fun of it, but it does actually (eventually) make enough of a profit to be something I can justify spending time on.

Which is really all I’m asking 🙂

2 thoughts on “The MathRat is 1 year old today

  1. Hi,

    My son is playing the app right now, so I cannot look inside for contact information, so I wrigth here instead.

    Basically this is a very good app, but I have few questions/suggestions:

    1) I cant find any way to check what comes next in the app. For example: When my son has fixed the addition levels, there comes the level “smaller than”. But he do not like that. He will rather go back to addition or want to try subtraction. How to do that? (The only way to go back to addition seems to be to start from the start screen and choice the coin “1” or “2”. Subtraction we cannot find at all.)

    2) When my son had entered the “smaller than” sector I suddenly heard a shout and then tears. I came running. Up to the left on the screen there now was a menacing smokey rotating object, probably in front of a sun. He was scared of this object, and I could myself not understand the purpose of it. Maybe there should be an option like “Surprising objects, on/off” somewhere?

    3) And, as said in other words in point 1: Maybe there could be an explanation of what’s in the different levels, and also some possibility to go to a level of free choice. I mean: this is a math traing app, and the unlocking procedure may be contraproductive for some player. At least it is so for my son.

    Best regards,
    An old Swede

    • Hi, Thanks for your feedback.

      1) This is an oversight on my part – As you found, it is possible to go back, but you cannot skip ahead, so you have to solve the different pieces in-order. The ordering was based on my understanding of “difficulty”, but obviously no two kids are the same in this respect 🙂 What you could do short-term is to complete the levels for your son, so that they all become “unlocked” – he can then pick and choose as he likes.

      2) This is one of the most difficult things about writing software for kids – you never really know how they’ll react. Something I find exciting, they find boring or v.v… Sometimes, it seems, a reward can be experienced as scary – I have never heard this before, but again, no two kids are the same :)…

      3) I’ll see about adding an “unlock all” button on the settings screen, but in the mean time, you could manually unlock it by answering the questions correctly – it may not be the most entertaining task for a grown-up, but it *should* not take that long 😉 …

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