Tempo Tim Update

Last night I uploaded a new version of Tempo Tim with some new features that has been requested over the last couple of days since it was first launched:

  1. Ability to pause the timer without resetting it
  2. Parental lock to prevent kids from tampering with the settings
  3. Show remaining time while “parent lock” is on.

The remaining time is shown both as a time and as a “progress” bar in the form of a glass of lemonade πŸ™‚

The new "lock" screen in Tempo Tim

The new “lock” screen in Tempo Tim

3 thoughts on “Tempo Tim Update

  1. Great App… Thanks…
    I’m having a problem with it though. I am using an iPad (original/first release), os5.(?). When I access the app, it is in portrait and will not auto rotate, and I there fore cannot utilise the app in it’s entirety. (half the screen is hidden due to orientation.

    • Hi, that’s an interesting bug.

      I don’t know if it matters, but I don’t think I tested Tim on iOS5 – all my devices are updated to iOS6, and I do not currently have the iOS5 simulator installed. I’m downloading it as I write this and will test when it’s ready (it’s a 700MB download πŸ™‚ )…

      Unfortunately it’s a bit of a nightmare to test all combinations of devices with different screen resolutions and OS versions (with both iPhone and iPad in retina and non-retina modes across 4 larger OS releases it sums up to 16 different test setups). Fortunately, it mostly just works πŸ™‚

      Anyway, thanks for pointing it out, I’ll get back to you with my findings. (I do recommend upgrading to iOS6 though ;))

      • HI, πŸ™‚ I thought that may be the case – not being able to test it in all variables, which is why I advised you πŸ˜‰
        Don’t think I’ll be updating to OS6 just yet…. I’ve had some ‘stories’ with friend’s iPad’s and as I live in a country where iIT support leaves allot to be desired… I’ll keep plodding πŸ˜‰ – also my iPad is, I think the first model released… and updating to iOS5 wiped out EVERYTHING and my PC’s HDD had just crashed too (very very bad day) so I lost a WHOLE Lot of stuff… I’ve heard that iOS6 does the same…
        bottom line.. don’t waste a whole lot of time on making it work in iOS5 (unless it’s a challenge you wish to pursue)… I’ll update some day and be WOW’d by your awesomeness then πŸ™‚
        thanks πŸ™‚

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