Why you should NOT advertise on LinkedIn!

I got a “promotional offer” from LinkedIn the other day: 300SEK of free advertising.

I’ve been wanting to promote TempusCura for a while, and figured LinkedIn would be a good place to do so, so as a test I created a campaign, provided my CreditCard details (because as always, free promotions are not really free, there was an administration fee of SEK 35:-.), and set it to run immediately.

I deliberately set the burn-rate high at 300SEK/day because I wanted to test if there was a noticeable difference in downloads or web-site traffic, and opted for impressions rather than clicks to get the widest exposure. As I said, it was a test.

I then went on to do other stuff…

This morning, and by complete accident, I ended up looking at the Campaign page of LinkedIn again, and to my horror saw that my little test had burned not 300, but 3.000SEK in two days. Unlike Facebook and Google, the amount you pay for the campaign is not limited (at least not by default) – if I had not seen this today, it would easily have been 30K by the time I was invoiced. Not cool!

So what did I get for my money?

213.000 impressions.


Well, wow-not, much as expected, web adverts are not worth the price of the paper they’re not printed on… 213.000 impressions resulted in 20 clicks – probably from existing customers, friends or family.

It’s hard not to laugh. That’s SEK 150:- per click to advertise an app that I sell for SEK 7:-

I don’t know why there are so many ads on web-sites? I mean, I can certainly see it from the point of view of those who get paid, but for the advertisers? Seriously?

My advice: Draw your ad on the back of a piece of toilet paper, wipe, flush, and save a lot of money.

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