MathRat V1.20

New update, and the first one to actually qualify as “MathRat” as it is now available in English as well as Danish, Norwegian and Finnish (Yes, Swedish is still there 🙂 ). Have also moved the settings into the App – will show first time the app is started and there’s a slightly hidden icon on the intro screen to go back to the settings page  (to avoid small curious fingers from finding it 🙂 ) – look up and right to find it…

MathRat V1.10 Now available in the AppStore

Our recent, major, update of the MathRat (räkneråttan) has now been approved by Apple and is available for download. Those of you who already downloaded V1.02 should update, and the rest of you: What are you waiting for? 🙂

Next update will be adding additional native language support for Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and English. German, French, Spanish and Portuguese are potential candidates for a further upgrade if the first language update is well received. Let us know if any of you have specific wishes 🙂

The thought of doing an iPhone version has been put on hold as we feel the game does not play well on a small screen.

RäkneRåttan V1.10

After a long weekend of hard work, the mathrat V1.10 is finally ready and uploaded to iTunes. Now we’re just waiting for Apples approval.

Here’s a sneak peek:

MathRat release update

We’ve been aiming at releasing the updated MathRat before the 10th of february, just in time for a specific promotional event, and things were going well until it occured to us, well me :), that Apple needs at least a week to approve the update before it goes live.

That essentially removes about the same amount of days from my schedule – plus a couple of days, just to be sure, leaving about… Well, two days, before it has to be done, which again means it’s time for the ugly business of reducing scope.

The one obvious candidate for retraction, because it is also completely irrelevant to this particular event, is translation to 5 new languages. It will happen, just not now.

New Ninja Pigs Up

Just uploaded a new version of Ninja Pigs – it’s the same game with some minor adjustments. The big new thing is that all levels are now free to play. Instead of requiring players to pay for the game, you can now pay to retry and/or continue when you die – just like in the arcade halls of old :). This is courtesy of

The MathRat is undergoing a great deal of changes – A massive visual update, more languages, more/better rewards, a number of user requests, and possibly iPhone support (just purchased an iPhone4s so I can test on real hardware). It’ll be great 🙂