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Back in 2000, a good friend and I sat down and decided to do something with this Internet thing that was all the rage at the time.

That “something” ended up as a rather unique strategy game called Hexadome (for no particular reason. And no, it did not have a hex grid).

Hexadome went from its initial incarnation as a bunch of Java applets strung together by HTML talking to a VB Script server running off an Access database (when it wasn’t crashing), to a real product hosted by GameLoft in Canada, servering thousands of players across the world, all in just a few short months. (The server was since re-written in C++, but the client remained an HTML cluster of unruly Java applets).

This could have ended as a dot-com fairytale, but as so many others at the time, it didn’t. GameLoft pulled the plug on its entire “Browser Game” franchise shortly after and went mobile (smart move, btw.), and with that, Hexadome faded, rather quickly, into oblivion.

We immediately began to work on a sequel, but something had broken. The magic was gone, and with every month poured into it, it became more obvious that it was heading nowhere.

I have since tried to revive the project on numerous occasions in various shapes and forms, but never really had the right ingredients all at once. Until now.

Last X-mas (that’s 2015 for anyone reading this at a point in time where “Last X-mas” might mean something else 🙂 ) I threw Unity3D at the problem and managed to scare away both HTML and Java applets from the original design. I also recovered some of the various server designs I had done, but never finished, over the past 15 years, and in just a couple of months I was able to put together a working game. Weee.

So that’s where I’m at. Now I need people to start playing it, so I can sort out the kinks – people who love strategy games and don’t mind the occasional bug-hunt, that is.

If you’re one such person, why not give it a try (link above)?

Or better yet, join the discussion on Steam


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