SOAK was developed over a period of 12 months in collaboration with Jonas Raagaard who had the original idea and did all the artwork, maps and general game design. I wrote all the code, from shaders to game logic, highscore server and integration with a variety of payment portals for IAPs.

The game was picked up by SPILGames in Holland for launch in Western Europe and the US and GamePlus in HongKong was set to cover Asia.

Unfortunately, SOAK never got the attention it deserves, and managed to continually stay under both Google and Apples’ radar (I.e. it never got featured or promoted other than what we were able to do ourselves), and after a series of failed launch attempts, SPILGames backed out and returned the IP to us. GamePlus is still managing the game in Asia, but development is halted until the project receives some kind of financial backing.

In total, I invested about 6 months worth of man hours in the project. Learned a lot, but didn’t get rich 🙂


Help Mike and his friends revenge the unwarranted water balloon attack on his little sister and show the neighborhood kids how a double barrel water canon is wielded.

Tilt & Tap your way through town, Climb buildings, surf cars and gear up for the boss fights with shields, water packs and big f…loating waterguns.

Keep running to increase your score multipliers and climb to the top of the charts – no amount of luck or money will get you there, it’s skill all the way baby, and there’s only one way to earn it!



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