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Back in 2000, a good friend and I sat down and decided to do something with this Internet thing that was all the rage at the time.

That “something” ended up as a rather unique strategy game called Hexadome (for no particular reason. And no, it did not have a hex grid).

Hexadome went from its initial incarnation as a bunch of Java applets strung together by HTML talking to a VB Script server running off an Access database (when it wasn’t crashing), to a real product hosted by GameLoft in Canada, servering thousands of players across the world, all in just a few short months. (The server was since re-written in C++, but the client remained an HTML cluster of unruly Java applets).

This could have ended as a dot-com fairytale, but as so many others at the time, it didn’t. GameLoft pulled the plug on its entire “Browser Game” franchise shortly after and went mobile (smart move, btw.), and with that, Hexadome faded, rather quickly, into oblivion.

We immediately began to work on a sequel, but something had broken. The magic was gone, and with every month poured into it, it became more obvious that it was heading nowhere.

I have since tried to revive the project on numerous occasions in various shapes and forms, but never really had the right ingredients all at once. Until now.

Last X-mas (that’s 2015 for anyone reading this at a point in time where “Last X-mas” might mean something else 🙂 ) I threw Unity3D at the problem and managed to scare away both HTML and Java applets from the original design. I also recovered some of the various server designs I had done, but never finished, over the past 15 years, and in just a couple of months I was able to put together a working game. Weee.

So that’s where I’m at. Now I need people to start playing it, so I can sort out the kinks – people who love strategy games and don’t mind the occasional bug-hunt, that is.

If you’re one such person, why not give it a try (link above)?

Or better yet, join the discussion on Steam




SOAK was developed over a period of 12 months in collaboration with Jonas Raagaard who had the original idea and did all the artwork, maps and general game design. I wrote all the code, from shaders to game logic, highscore server and integration with a variety of payment portals for IAPs.

The game was picked up by SPILGames in Holland for launch in Western Europe and the US and GamePlus in HongKong was set to cover Asia.

Unfortunately, SOAK never got the attention it deserves, and managed to continually stay under both Google and Apples’ radar (I.e. it never got featured or promoted other than what we were able to do ourselves), and after a series of failed launch attempts, SPILGames backed out and returned the IP to us. GamePlus is still managing the game in Asia, but development is halted until the project receives some kind of financial backing.

In total, I invested about 6 months worth of man hours in the project. Learned a lot, but didn’t get rich 🙂


Help Mike and his friends revenge the unwarranted water balloon attack on his little sister and show the neighborhood kids how a double barrel water canon is wielded.

Tilt & Tap your way through town, Climb buildings, surf cars and gear up for the boss fights with shields, water packs and big f…loating waterguns.

Keep running to increase your score multipliers and climb to the top of the charts – no amount of luck or money will get you there, it’s skill all the way baby, and there’s only one way to earn it!





In Heroes of Math and Magic you solve fun math puzzles and fight other heroes for honour and glory.

recommended_badge_LHeroes of Math and Magic combines learning with a hero themed maze and action game. Walk the maze in the correct order to answer the question and battle monsters to unlock new heroes.

Covers ages from 7 to 12 with math puzzles of increasing complexity from basic addition of single digit numbers, greater than/less than, neighbours and sequences all the way up to building simple equations.

Each category has an infinite number of randomly generated puzzles.

Here is a nice review on the Educational App Store

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Qube Crush 3D


Qube Crush 3D is my take on the all-too-crowded color-match puzzle genre.

In Qube Crush, the player connects qubes of similar color to form long chains – the longer the chain, the higher the score. Later tiers introduces special qubes that changes color or allow different selection strategies – these does not necessarily make the solution harder to find, but they make it a lot more difficult to find the optimal solution, and thus getting the highest possible score.

Much like Magic Micro Battle Arena, Qube Crush 3D was a short concentrated effort and was completed in a single week.

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Magic Micro Battle Arena

iTunesArtworkMagic Micro Battle Arena is a small 2-player game for the iPad and is a bit of a test to see if there’s anyone other than me who enjoys a multiplayer game that is easy to pick up and that can be played on a single piece of hardware. It was written in a frenzy – 5 days in total – so I had to cut features to a bare minimum and, because of this, have a ton of ideas that I would like to add to it, given time and sufficient interest.

First and foremost, I want to improve the behaviour of the NPCs and add more options for the player characters – in particular distinct attack types and special abilities for each player character.

Secondly, I have a bunch of ideas for different arenas that adds multiple levels, traps and more game-goals.

Finally, I would like to include a single player training mode and a 2-player co-op mode.



Tempus Cura

A new way to schedule and track your work

A new way to schedule and track your work

Tempus Cura is a tool I’ve written for my own intents and purposes to keep track of my many daily tasks and simultaneously running projects.

It’s an iOS app with a cloud backend (Google App Engine) which allow me to specify tasks with a due date and an estimate, and the software then schedules everything in my calendar based on availability.

Tempus Cura also keeps track of how much time I spend on each task and allow me to create time-reports for my clients.

There has been a couple of revisions since its original release (adding features like GPS tracking and a brighter UI theme among others), and I’m still using it on a daily basis, but due to poor sales and a costly backend, it is no longer available on the App Store.

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Tempo Tim

Screenshot 2013.01.23 22.10.44

Taking Turns with Tempo Tim – A playtime utility for iOS (iPad/iPhone)

Taking Turns with Tempo Tim is a small utility App I wrote after spending a weekend with family watching the kids fight over who got to use the iPad.

We finally resorted to using an egg-timer as a “judge”, which seemed silly given that

A) they were already sitting with an advanced gadget that was more than capable of keeping time, and

B) we had to reset the darn timer every 5 minutes 🙂

Tim is available in the App Store and is easy to use for even the little ones.


The Math Rat

The Math Rat - a numbers game for kids 5+

The Math Rat – a numbers game for kids 5+

The Math Rat (Räkneråttan in Swedish) is a learning game for children and covers basic math skills from counting to addition, subtraction, larger- and less-than.

Correct answers are rewarded with candy, but keep an eye our for the rat which will steal it back at any given chance.

The MathRat is used in schools across Sweden and has gone through several iterations of improvements based on feedback from teachers and students alike.

Read a review

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Enclosure is a twist on the classic Tower Defence genre in which you not only place guns, but also build walls and doors to keep the attackers at bay.

Enemies come from all sides and have several potential exit points, all of which must be protected using a combination of force fields and heavy weaponry.

The forcefields forms obstacles, to slow the attackers down long enough for the weapons to kill them, but they are a limited resource so you have to make the best use of them.

Each new turn adds more exit points, and thus, increases the strain on your available forcefield resource.

Enclosure was my second native Android App and was written entirely in Java using OpenGL for 3D rendering.

scr2 scr1


Ninja Pigs


Defenseless lambs, hungry lions and rubber ninja pigs. What else do you need?

Ninja pigs is a frantic tap and drag game where you’ll need both hands to keep up.

The aim is to protect your growing herd of lambs from a pack of hungry lions by gently tapping the lions on the head. Unfortunately some of them don’t take the hint the first time. Or the second.

This is where the ninja pigs come in: using their elastic ninja pig tails they quickly dispose of even large groups of lions, but watch out for friendly creatures that might get in the way.

Also make sure the lambs don’t wander off and fall into pits or forget to eat. Compete with friends for the highest score, tracked by scoreloop.

Ninja Pigs is no longer available.