Android Development on a Mac

I just had to take 5 minutes to write about this…

Last year I did a small Android app for a client, it was just a prototype but it had to run on a specific device: A Sony Ericsson Xperia. It was supposed to be nothing more than a couple of days work, and everything looked fine until I tried debugging the app on the device.

The damn thing just wouldn’t connect – I downloaded and installed a host of drivers and countless megabytes of Sony fluff, but finally ended up stitching something together from various 3rd party sources. It took almost two days before I could get the debugger connected.

I should have known, I guess, since I had a similar nightmare on a laptop with my HTC Desire some half year earlier, but back then I figured it was just the laptop that was messed up.

Now, today, I had to do another small Android project and since my HTC Desire was so low on battery that it would not run from the USB connection on my MacBook, I hesitantly dusted off the Xperia and plugged it in.

I pressed “Debug” in IDEA and lo and behold, the app instantly fired up on the device.

How ironic is it that Android development is easier on a Mac? 🙂

(Update: The HTC finally charged up so I tested it as well – same story! No need for annoying HTC sync apps and funky driver setups – it just works).